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NEWS : Jun 20, 2007

Street Scene 07 - 06.20.2007
It's a big day for festival days, eh? The 2007 Street Scene festival will take place September 22nd and 23rd in Del Mar, CA, and boasts artists like the Killers, Muse, Air, Arctic Monkeys, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Spoon, Infected Mushroom, Elvis Perkins, and more. Woo! Party time USA!

PDX Pop Now! news and compilation - 06.20.2007
The 2007 PDX Pop Now! festival will take place August 3rd - 5th in beautiful Portland, Oregon - and it's FREE! Can't beat that. Artist lineup:

The Blow
The Shaky Hands
Blitzen Trapper
The Robot Ate Me
Laura Gibson
Yellow Swans
Ethan Rose
Nice Boys
March Fourth Marching Band
Point Juncture, WA
Black Elk
3 Leg Torso
Corrina Repp
The High Violets
The Maybe Happening
Hurah Hurah
The Snuggle Ups (in one of their final performances)

Additionally, the guiding forces behind the festival have released a two-disc compilation featuring various Pop Now! performances by Menomena, Colin Meloy, YACHT, Mirah, and lots more:


1. Swim Swam Swum - "Without Your French"
2. Lips and Ribs - "Battle in Nagoya"
3. Modernstate - "SSMF"
4. Menomena - "Wet and Rusting"
5. Syndel - "Lemme Hear It"
6. World Court - "Maps"
7. The Hand That Bleeds - "Shattered Love Trance"
8. The Ocean Floor - "A Simple Adventure"
9. Laura Gibson - "Come by Storm"
10. Mirah and Spectratone International - "Community"
11. Evolutionary Jass Band - "Phyllis' Frindge"
12. Old Time Relijun - "The Tightest Cage"
13. Black Elk - "Toss You to the Wolves"
14. Ethan Rose - "Ceiling Song 3 (Excerpt)"
15. Lifesavas - "No Surprise"
16. Alela Diane - "Up North"
17. YACHT - "See a Penny (Pick it Up)"
18. Starfucker - "Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second"
19. Colin Meloy (of The Decemberists) - "Culling of the Fold"


2. Kristin Hersh - "Blackstone"
3. Sweater! - "Mediterranean"
4. Panther - "How Well Can You Swim?"
5. Ohmega Watts - "4 Days in Geneva"
6. Run On Sentence - "Carrie Pt. II"
7. Exploding Hearts - "(Making) Teenage Faces"
8. Derby - "If Ever There’s a Reason"
9. The Hugs - "North"
10. Eric John Kaiser - "L'Odyssee"
11. Ferocious Eagle - "Bastards"
12. The Better to See You With - "Garden"
13. Hungry Mob - "To the People"
14. Klezmocracy - "Hava Netze B’machol"
15. Wilding & AED - "Broken Branches"
16. The Robot Ate Me - "Empty Feelings"
17. Alan Singley - "Never Knew"
18. Nice Boys - "Johnny Guitar"
19. 31Knots - "Sanctify"
20. White Rainbow - "Mystic Prism"
21. The Shaky Hands - "Soul"

The compilation can be purchased at CD Baby for seven bucks. The real estate in Portland apparently isn't the only thing that's really really cheap.

Pygmalion Music Festival details - 06.20.2007
And the festivals keep comin'! Illinois' Pygmalion Music Festival 2007 will take place September 19th-22nd in Champaign-Urbana with the following list of performers:

Andrew Bird
Okkervil River
Denison Witmer
Unwed Sailor
Bound Stems
Caleb Engstrom
Coco Coca
Corey Chisel And The Wandering Sons
Dark Meat
Foundry Field Recordings
Gentleman Auction House
Liz Janes
New Ruins
Noah Harris
Ryan Groff
Shapes And Sizes
The Beauty Shop
The Chemicals
The Living Blue
The Odawas
The Tractor Kings

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