Nine Inch Nails announce Halo I-IV box set

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Nine Inch Nails have a special box set release coming for Record Store Day’s Black Friday. It’s titled Halo I-IV, referring to the first four catalog numbers in the band’s discography, which comprise the “Down In It Single,” the 1989 album Pretty Hate Machine, and the “Head Like a Hole” and “Sin” 12-inch singles. The set features all four releases, complete with b-sides, on vinyl. It’s just one of a long list of exclusives dropping on Black Friday, but some classic industrial would make that Black Friday even darker, no?

Check out the tracklist below.

Nine Inch Nails Halo I-IV box set tracklist:

Halo I

Side A:
1 Down In It (Skin)
2 Down In It (Shred)

Side B:
1 Down In It (Singe)

Halo II

Side A:
1 Head Like a Hole
2 Terrible Lie
3 Down In It
4 Sanctified
5 Something I Can Never Have

Side B:
1 Kinda I Want To
2 Sin
3 That’s What I Get
4 The Only Time
5 Ringfinger

Halo III

Side A:
1 Head Like a Hole (Slate)
2 Terrible Lie (Sympathetic Mix)
3 Head Like a Hole (Clay)

Side B:
1 Head Like a Hole (Copper)
2 You Know Who You Are
3 Head Like a Hole (Soil)
4 Terrible Lie (Empathetic Mix)

Halo IV

Side A:
1 Sin (Long)
2 Sin (Dub)

Side B:
3 Get Down, Make Love
4 Sin (Short)

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