Listen to Father John Misty’s new politically charged song, “Holy Hell”

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It’s been almost two years since Father John Misty released his excellent 2015 album I Love You, Honeybear, but he’s still releasing new music this year at a slow trickle. Earlier this year he released the catchy, laid-back single “Real Love Baby,” and today he has a new politically charged track, titled “Holy Hell.” It’s a critique of some of the worst actors in politics this year, the “highly effective rhetoric” and the “perverts who get off on it.” It’s ultimately a positive song, however, that puts the power in the listeners’ hands, and suggests that change doesn’t necessarily come from the top down: “But all my friends, yeah, I’m talking to you/The world won’t end unless we want it to/There’s no one in control/And it’s our life to choose.”

Listen to the Father John Misty “Holy Hell” stream below.

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