Bebel Gilberto : Tanto Tempo

I have fallen in love with Bebel Gilberto.

Every Sunday when I am alone, Bebel can soothe me out of bed. She helps take off the remaining make-up from the night before. She reads the paper, and drinks mid-morning coffee with me. And she pours out the most amazing words into my ears that send me into a blissful trance.

Her sweet voice creeps over a sea of piano and pounding drum and bass beats.
Nothing can bring me out of a groggy, sometimes restless, night like

She empties out her soul, and my heart will melt every time she sings, “Someone to take my hand, and samba through life with me, I can see you and me that would be so nice. ”

Tanto Tempo is a two disc set and you’re twice as lucky, and twice rewarded.
You’ll be lost in thought, right until player is done spinning. The first disc is a leisurely one, sleek with euphonic, mesmerizing raw vocals and the accompanying guitar or piano.

The second disc, is some of the select songs remixed by various artists, such as Peter Kruder, Bushwacka!, DJ Marky and Derrick Carter. If none of these names sound vaguely familiar to you, it doesn’t matter. If you like Bebel, you’ll want more. The mixes are all more textured with trance, drum and bass beats, all the while, never overpowering the sultry voice of Bebel.

Yes, listening to Bebel, life is so nice…

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Bebel Gilberto - Tanto Tempo

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