Fleshtones : Beachhead

The Fleshtones’ new album Beachhead arrived at my door after a great period of high anticipation, and much talk behind its creation. It sweeps in with a lot of gusto, and heaps of energy. From the get-go, it shows lots of promise: the first and second tracks are great, fast, upbeat, easy-to-like songs. The opening to Beachhead displays all the evidence needed to show that this band has that synergy to make songs flow without much effort at all.

However, around the sixth and seventh songs, something goes horribly wrong. It’s just a repetition of the same tone, the same beat, the same sound as the previous songs, causing me to yawn halfway through the album. It actually makes me think of doing all those chores I tend to avoid, like washing the windows, cleaning out the rain gutters, stuff like that, just to wake myself up.

After listening to the Fleshtones’ new album Beachhead, I came to the inspiring realization that this album has a lot of similarities to New Year’s Eve. How, you might ask? Listening to Beachhead gave me the typical New Year’s Eve response. I’ll talk about it a lot, look forward to it, build up lots of excitement leading up to it, and I expect the 12:00 to the 12:01 minute change to have a big “woo-hoo!” dramatic event happen. For this next year things will change, the person I kiss, to be with me forever.

Sadly, it usually ends up that I stay at home because I don’t like the people at the party, or it’s too cold. I get tired at 11:00, and fall asleep. Beachhead isn’t all that different—it had all that excitement leading up to it, but it was followed by a let down, boredom, and it was all too easy to forget about the next day.

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