Hear Chapter 3 of Beach House’s new album, Once Twice Melody

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On February 18, Beach House will release their new double album Once Twice Melody—one of our most anticipated records this year—via Sub Pop. The band has been releasing tracks from the upcoming 18-track album as “chapters,” each one comprising around four or five songs. They’ve already shared two previous blocks of tracks from the album—Chapter 1 arriving with the album’s announcement in November, followed by the release of Chapter 2 in December—and now they’ve premiered Chapter 3. This one includes five new songs: “Sunset,” “Only You Know,” “Another Go Around,” “Masquerade,” and “Illusion of Forever.” Hear all five songs below.

Once Twice Melody follows 2018’s 7.

Beach House’s “Superstar,” from the first chapter of Once Twice Melody, is on our list of the Top 100 Songs of 2021.

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