Hear Jeff Zagers’ psych-folk cover of Gene Clark/Syd Barrett medley “Jokers Are Wild/Effervescent Elephant”

Jeff Terich
Jeff Zagers covers album

On Friday—the next Bandcamp Friday—singer/songwriter Jeff Zagers will release a new album through Wharf Cat Records titled And You Will Hear What It Is. The album features Zagers’ takes on songs by the likes of Big Star, Scott Walker, Arthur Russell and more. Today, he’s shared the first track to be released from it, a medley of Gene Clark’s “Jokers Are Wild” with Syd Barrett’s “Effervescent Elephant.” It’s a tuneful, dreamy and lightly psychedelic tune reminiscent of cosmic folksters like Jim Sullivan, as well as the two artists he takes on here.

“I offer this collection up with sincere excitement,” Zagers says in a statement. “I often feel that there are too many songs in the world. Hundreds of albums released each week, new singles every day. One would think a creator should just stay in their own lane, be the best versions of themselves and not bend or give any attention to the competition around them. Then at the same time, you need to see what is out there so you can assess, find the ill or false intentions and crush them. Make new. Many of the artists represented in this collection stayed in their own lane while practicing disciplines that make up the greats.

“I never choose the song, the song picks me,” he continues. “Sometimes I can’t shake it. Though, if I re-produced every song that trailed me, you would have a version of ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ or ‘Guess Who I Saw Today’ on your hands. There were just as many songs recorded that received the axe on this collection as there are in front of you.”

Hear “Jokers Are Wild/Effervescent Elephant” below.

Jeff Zagers And You Will Hear What It Is tracklist:

1. You’ll Never Walk Alone (R. Rodgers)
2. World’s Strongest Man (S Walker)
3. Emerald River Dance (J. Sill)
4. Holocaust (A. Chilton)
5. I’ll Be Home For Christmas (A Gannon and W. Kent)
6. Big White Cloud (J. Cale)
7. Joe (S. Walker)
8. She’s Electric (N Gallagher)
9. Jokers Are Wild/Effervescent Elephant (G. Clark / S. Barrett)
10. Night Time (A. Chilton)
11. Some Misunderstanding (G. Clark)
12. Sharper Eyes (A Russell)
13. Anchored in Love (J. Rowe and J. Vaughn)
14. Mean Old World (Heavenly Gospel Singers 1935)
15. Dark End Of The Street (D. Penn and C. Moman)

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