Hear the new heavy goth album from Lotus Thrones (Wolvhammer, Across Tundras)

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On Friday, Lotus Thrones release their new album Lovers in Wartime via Disorder Records. The project was started by Heath Rave, former drummer of Wolvhammer and Across Tundras, during the pandemic in 2020, and the new album was mixed by Sanford Parker (Minsk, Corrections House). Lotus Thrones takes a stylistic turn away from the sludge and black metal of Rave’s previous bands and incorporates a greater degree of melodic post-punk into the songwriting, and the end result is more of a heavy goth sound inspired by the likes of Killing Joke and Sisters of Mercy. Today, we’re streaming the full album in its entirety ahead of its Friday release. Listen below.

Heath Rave says of the album in a statement: “Five years ago, when I sold my drums, I swore I’d never play music again. There was too much self-induced trauma; I would literally get panic attacks if I thought about my old music and lifestyle let alone try to listen to it. I think it took something like quarantine happening after almost four years of pure sobriety to make something like this come out. I definitely didn’t sit down and just decide to make a record. It all happened on its own; maybe the record even made itself, just using me as a vessel. Subconsciously it was a healing experience, I’m able to once again listen to music and enjoy it even at its darkest moments. It’s been a freeing experience for me psychologically and spiritually and happened for me when it was supposed to happen. Now the waterfall is flowing. I just completed writing the second Lotus Thrones and have begun pre-production on it in our new home in Philadelphia. More than anything, I’m incredibly grateful for all the support and excitement around it that came from so many peers that answered questions, gave feedback, and did guest appearances on it. Stay tuned for more small releases through the fall, maybe even show if the correct opportunity arises. Til then…”

Pre-order the album here.

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