Kahoots : Fourteen Ghosts

In the last decade, indie rock bands have proceeded to float in and out of our iTunes playlists like the tide, washing ashore alongside the brightly flickering Arcade Fires and the frantically scurrying Arctic Monkeys. Finally, a diamond in the rough has been left on the shore for us indie folk to hold as dear as our worn-out, vintage tees. Soon to breakthrough as one of the best hopes for underground rock, Kahoots are doing an incredible job of staying true to the compilation of a few guitars, a couple guys singing, and some confusing yet utterly close-to-home lyrics.

The good `ol boys of The Kahoots couldn’t have picked a better time to release their debut, Fourteen Ghosts. Their familiar, kick back sound flows like the Long Island in our Iced Tea, moving us smoothly through this transition into summertime. Fourteen Ghosts is the kind of album that in 3 years you’ll randomly hear again and look back fondly upon the summer of 2006 with a hearty “Hell Yeah!” And in spite of its spectral name, Fourteen Ghosts certainly isn’t one to be left invisible on shelves, haunting us in the darkest of hours. With dueling guitars and their mellow snare rhythms, Rob Myers and Elisha Wiesner have created a brand-new spin on the classic-individualistic-indie sound.

This punk-acoustic duo has a knack for keeping things short, sweet, and to the point. With all 14 tracks staying well below the punk song freshness date cutoff, these less-than-three-minute masterpieces fit perfectly together in an eclectic utopia, sending the listeners on one hell of a musical ride.

With songs like “I’ll Be Your Coffin” and “The Coroner Blinks Twice,” Myers and Wiesner will shortly find their place in the hearts of us coffeehouse junkies. Lyrics taken from “I’ll Be Your Coffin” poetically give us a glimpse of their cleverness, and perhaps their motives as well:

I’ll be a monster
I’ll lick the blood from your wounds.
You won’t know when I’m coming
…But soon

Oh Kahoots, we will be waiting with open arms and open wounds.

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Kahoots - Fourteen Ghosts

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