Magneta Lane : Dancing With Daggers

As I listen to Magneta Lane, I find myself enjoying their new album, Dancing With Daggers, more and more. Dancing is the work of a fun, outgoing, three piece girl band from Toronto, and as their debut full-length, it shows much promise.

Magneta Lane sound like they are on the brink of a musical meltdown, or breakdown, but in a good way. When lead vocalist Lexi Valentine sings, she might be feeling anger, sadness, or even numbness. But it can be difficult to tell which of those emotions it is, primarily because her tone never really changes between songs. I question if she is trying to portray a sense of nonchalance or aloofness in her voice, while the music maintains a more chaotic nature.

Nevertheless, I like these ladies. And they have handed us a catchy debut album that is confident and playful. It reminds me of a much mellower, younger Blondie. Still, I think these girls have the capability of pounding out even more raw power than they are currently producing. Songs like “22” give an inkling of the raw, rock `n’ roll sensibility that the Canuck trio is truly capable of cranking out, though often shies away from in favor of subtler, yet still energetic tones.

I’d like to hear Magneta Lane return in the future with an album that betrays more of a punkish, empowered attitude surging through their riffs and melodies. Regardless, they are already off to a great start. There’s still time for these young lasses to experiment and take more chances with their sound. Magneta Lane have the power and the talent to challenge listeners and raise the bar on rock music, and possibly the level of music in general. If they want to.

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Magneta Lane - Dancing With Daggers

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