MIKE releases new album, Tears of Joy

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MIKE new album Tears of Joy

Bronx rapper MIKE has released a new album. After releasing three albums in two years—2017’s May God Bless Your Hustle and 2018’s Black Soap and Renaissance Man—MIKE has delivered Tears of Joy. It features production from Sporting Life, Adé Hakim, Navy Blue, RedLee, Michul Kuun, Ted Kamal, Laron, and DJ Blackpower, which is MIKE’s own producer alias. The first video from the album is “it’s like basketball,” which you can check out below. The album is available to hear in its entirety via major streaming platforms now.

MIKE Tears of Joy tracklist:

1. scarred lungs vol. 1 & 2 (prod. bluezy & michul kuun)
2. Whole Wide World (prod. ohbliv)
3. goin truuu (prod. rbchmbrs)
4. GR8FUL 2K19 (prod. dj blackpower)
5. TAKE CROWNS (prod. dj blackpower)
6. memorial (prod. dj blackpower & laron)
7. SUMMER 17 (prod. laron)
8. big smoke (prod. dj blackpower)
9. its like basketball (prod. sporting life & dj blackpower)
10. Ain’t no love (prod. ted kamal)
11. PARKS (prod. dj blackpower)
12. PLANET (prod. adé hakim)
13. #memories ft. duendita (prod. dj blackpower)
14. right here next to you, baby (prod. dj blackpower)
15. Sleepwalk (prod. redlee & omari lyeseight)
16. BREATHE, GOOD (prod. dj blackpower)
17. fool in me (prod. dj blackpower)
18. suffocate (prod. dj blackpower)
19. true blood (prod. ntvrme & dj blackpower)
20. stargazer pt.3 (prod. navy blue)

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