Phil Elverum debuts new Microphones album via short film

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Tomorrow, Phil Elverum releases his first album as The Microphones in 17 years, appropriately titled The Microphones in 2020. Today, Elverum premiered the album in the form of a short film, with visuals matching the continuous 45-minute, single-track recording.

Here’s what Elverum says about the record and short film in a press release: “It’s not a music video really.  A short film?  A not-moving picture?  An unboxing of a not yet made photobook?  Amateur hypnotism?  I like the idea of “lyric videos”, because music videos always seem weird to me, and I like making people read the words.  This is kind of a lyric video, but also a slideshow, a powerpoint presentation, a flip book. For this long autobiographical song, since there was no archival footage to use, I spent 3 weeks carefully arranging over 800 of my printed photos to sync them with the lyrics, line by line.  It is a documentary, illustrated with blurs, clouds, ghosts, and the real actual people and places that are being sung about.”

Watch the short film below.

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