Whatstheirname: More Adventures w/o Gender is about julia eff’s complicated relationship to gender and not having one. Featuring theories from childhood, Laura Jane Grace, ruminations on adolescence and fandom and boys in eyeliner, Myspace bands, the early ’10s metalcore scene, a pronoun guide, the dissolution of a relationship, and their life around the bands they love, it’s a raw, honest look at a young person going through stuff they only recently invented words for. Written in 2013, the author describes it as “a snapshot of a moment in the life of a young genderweirdo.”
About the creator:
julia eff runs a zine distro called CRAPANDEMIC. They like coffee, sad stories, mallgoth fashion, rare jpgs, religious art, and their scooter. They’ve been making zines for 15 years and have had this same stupid haircut for almost as long. Yes, they did used to manage a Hot Topic. Follow julia at @crapandemic and crapandemic.storenvy.com.

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