essential track

Charly Bliss essential track

Charly Bliss “Hard to Believe” is anguish packed into a power pop sugar high

A frustrating, toxic situation wrapped in one of their catchiest songs.

Pile essential track

Pile rip through two seething minutes of punk on “The Soft Hands of Stephen Miller”

Trump’s senior advisor gets a dressing down in this two-minute ripper.

Spirit Adrift Tortured by Time essential track

Spirit Adrift’s “Tortured by Time” is heroic, heavy metal majesty

The Arizona heavy metal band’s latest track is a soaring, riff-laden waltz.

DJ Jenifa essential track

DJ Jenifa’s “WhoCares808_7B” is meditative, blistering house

Gold Panda delivers a boogie-worthy gem through his alias.

Baroness Essential Track Borderlines

Baroness continue their progressive arc on “Borderlines”

Another big step forward from a band that never sits still.

Wand new album 2019 Laughing Matter

Wand grow more cerebral and intricate on “Thin Air”

A more cerebral and intricate version of Wand.

Laurel Halo Sweetie Essential track

Laurel Halo’s “Sweetie” is noisy, experimental and cerebral

The Berlin-based producer’s latest track showcases her inventor’s curiosity.

Bartees Strange In a Cab essential track

Bartees Strange crafts beautiful chaos on “In a Cab”

This brief but stunning track is a blend of beauty and torment.

Apparat Dawan essential track

Apparat revels in the freedom of his design on “Dawan”

The producer, who comprises one half of Moderat, taps into his own art-pop visions.

Brutus War Essential Track

Brutus’ “War” is explosive hardcore wrapped in gorgeous dream pop

The Belgian band’s new single is a gorgeously intense genre hybrid.

Oozing Wound essential track

Oozing Wound’s “Tween Shitbag” is caustic, brutal fun

A gnarly takedown of “shitty dudes in shitty bands.”

Sarah Louise Rime Essential Track

Sarah Louise’s “Rime” is romantic ambient music

A dreamy new stunner from the ambient guitarist.

Astronoid new album 2019

Astronoid maintain their metallic luster on new single “I Dream In Lines”

The shoegazing prog/emo metal band are as complex and thrilling as ever.

Bob Mould Essential Track

Bob Mould kicks into overdrive on “What Do You Want Me To Do?”

The new single from the punk/alternative legend sounds like an absolute blast.

Charly Bliss Heaven Essential Track

Charly Bliss’ “Heaven” is soaring alt-rock that lives up to its name

An alt-rock gem that stands apart from the indie rock landscape.

Bells Atlas Essential Track

Bells Atlas’ “Downpour” is intoxicatingly odd future-soul

A weird, wonderful and creative new gem of electronic R&B.

Makaya McCraven essential track Black Lion

Makaya McCraven splices a jazz session into a hypnotic stunner on “Black Lion”

An all-star team of jazz musicians edited into breaks and loops, with hypnotic results.

Foxtrott Essential Track

Essential Track: FOXTROTT crafts her heartbreak song on “Deliver”

MH Delorme crafts a vulnerable but lovely synth-laden tune.