Buke and Gase

Interview : Buke and Gase

Aron Sanchez talks about finding the right sound.


Leaves Turn: The Unwound Interview

The Washington-based post-hardcore trio revisits their last years together.

Video: Interview with Frankie Rose

We recently sat down with Frankie Rose to talk about her new album Interstellar, space age themes and other fun topics.

Baroness, at the lodge.

Interview: Baroness

Pete Adams discusses Yellow & Green and the band’s ongoing progression.

The Antlers on a cloudy day.

Taking Liberties: An interview with The Antlers

Peter Silberman talks to Treble about Hospice and more.

Big Business

Down to Business: An Interview with Big Business

Coady Willis and Jared Warren speak with Treble about how hard they rock.

Jeff Buckley: A Pure Drop

A Pure Drop: Jeff Buckley in Print

Examining Jeff Buckley’s newly released bio, including a Q&A with author Jeff Apter.


Picking Band Names Sucks: An interview with Dysrhythmia

Kevin Hufnagel talks to Treble about side projects, touring and how long it will likely take to release their next album.

Los Angeles trio Liars

The Truth About Liars: The Treble Interview

LA/Berlin/NY group’s frontman sits down with Treble for a chat.

Bon Iver's Justin Vernon

Out of the Bungalow: An Interview With Bon Iver

Justin Vernon chats with us from his Eau Claire home.


Courting the New Mystics: The Yeasayer Interview

Treble talks to the band about global warming and ghetto-tech.

Celebration at the Casbah

Get the Balance Right: An Interview with Celebration

A philosophical conversation with Baltimore’s leaders of the Modern Tribe.

White Rainbow's Adam Forkner

Interview: White Rainbow/Valet

Treble interviews two of PDX’s most notable psychedelic artists.

The Decemberists

Swallowed by a Wave: An interview with The Decemberists

Treble interviews The Decemberists’ Nate Query.


Interview: Zdrastvootie

Treble interviews Zdrastvootie.

The North Atlantic

Interview: The North Atlantic

Treble interviews The North Atlantic

The Boy Least Likely To

Interview : The Boy Least Likely To

Treble interviews The Boy Least Likely To