The Dirtbombs : Dangerous Magical Noise

Imagine if you will, a boy (who we’ll call Jared), who just purchased the new Dirtbombs album, Dangerous Magical Noise. Upon hearing the album, Jared begins yelling from his car to everyone he sees, “HEY, I JUST BOUGHT THE NEW DIRTBOMBS CD!!!”

My friend Jared told me, that is just what you’ll do when listening to Dangerous Magical Noise. He’s right. While listening to the album, you too will feel like shouting to everyone that you are down with one of the coolest bands around.

In fact, I’ll bet that even if you are in a bad or disgruntled mood, the same thing will happen to you after listening to this CD. Your mood will transform from twisted, screaming anger to head-nodding (possibly air guitar-playing) good times. Try it. Just try to stay mad after listening to the album in its entirety.

I also have to mention that Mick Collins’s lyrics are pure poetry. He arguably gives better tips than Ann Landers. If you have questions, concerns on such topics like love, whether or not you should break up with your significant lover, and the consequences of dating someone. The Dirtbombs have all the answers, and in a rock `n’ roll fashion.

Indeed, this album will make you want to shout out loud, to everyone you see, “HEY, I’M LISTENING TO THE NEW DIRTBOMBS!!” And, you’ll ask yourself, “how did I ever live without this album in my collection?” I don’t know what being cool entails, but listening to the Dirtbombs latest album at high volumes will definitely make you feel cool, whether you are or not.

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The Dirtbombs - Dangerous Magical Noise

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