Stream This is Lorelei’s raucous new punk banger “Crack”

This is Lorelei Crack stream

It’s Bandcamp Friday tomorrow, which means anything goes. That said, Wharf Cat Records is releasing This is Lorelei’s bonkers new pop punk EP Bad Forever. It’s a digital only Bandcamp-exclusive, and a very special one at that. Today, we’re excited to premiere “Crack,” the penultimate banger on Nate Amos’ deliriously giddy take on two-timed tempos and turn-of-the-millennium riffs. According to Amos, the musician “was not particularly lucid” during the recording process, making Bad Forever an even more confounding experience within This is Lorelei’s wide-ranging catalogue. The project has always practiced eclecticism, but the new EP feels much different, as distorted power chords in 4/4 time is sort of uncharted territory for the Brooklyn-based solo outfit.

While “Crack” breaks new ground in This is Lorelei’s discography, it also expertly leans into pop punk’s tried-and-true genre tropes. Crunchy guitar tones, bug-buzzing solos and catchy-as-fuck harmonies from Palberta’s Lily Konigsberg and Ani Ivry-Block push the genre’s most memorable moments into the forefront of the mix. With Amos’ knack for precise arrangements, Bad Forever pieces nuanced segments into bite-sized blips of melodic excellence. These songs stick like glue and chances are they’ll get stuck on you. Check out “Crack” below and be on the lookout for Bad Forever when it hits Wharf Cat’s Bandcamp page tomorrow. 

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