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Treble began in fall of 2003 as a way of presenting fresh and thoughtful views on music. Though it started out as a casual group of friends posting thoughts on their favorite records, it’s evolved into a full-time pursuit of thoughtful discourse on music as both personal and universal experience.

Our mission is to cover a wide spectrum of music, ranging from electronic to punk to metal to hip-hop, with a particular focus on independent and underground artists. Treble doesn’t represent just one viewpoint—it’s a collective of many different people, with different opinions and ideas. We’re also dedicated to serving a diverse community, both in the subjects we cover and the people we work with, because bigotry, racism and misogyny have no place in the future of music.

Every week, we include new features and columns on music, ranging from interviews with artists to career retrospectives, personal experiences relating to music, and various other topics, with new ones emerging all the time. We try to cover music from many angles, and because of that, we’re constantly adding new columns and features into our regular rotation. Treble exists because its staff consists of people who are unified and driven by their love of music and joy of writing about it.

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Music opinions are subjective, and we always welcome feedback, even when those opinions differ from our own. But we will never welcome racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia or any form of hate or bigotry. If you post a comment that we feel does not abide by these guidelines, or in any way suggests violence toward someone else (be it the writer of the article, the artists mentioned, other commenters or even yourself), rest assured it will be deleted. So just don’t even try it.

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Treble is a member of affiliate programs, including Amazon, ShareASale/Merchbar and Turntable Lab. When you buy something through these affiliate links, Treble receives a commission. All items covered in our editorial content are chosen independently by our editors and contributors.

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We don’t work with advertisers in the way most websites do. We view our advertisers and partners in our brand. If you’re interested in reaching a passionate group of readers and believe in supporting independent media, please contact: [email protected]


If you’d like to join our close-knit group of music-obsessed, pop culturally thirsty Treble contributors, we’re always looking for fresh talent and new perspectives. To apply, send an e-mail with writing samples and a list of recent and all-time favorite albums and/or songs to: [email protected]


While we do accept submissions directly from artists, please note that due to the high volume of music that comes our way each day, we cannot guarantee a response. You are welcome to send your submission to: [email protected].


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