Spiritual Poison interview

Spiritual Poison’s Harmony and Dissonance

Plus watch the new video for “Summon”

The Serfs interview

The Serfs’ Midwestern prophecies

We spoke to the band about new album ‘Half Eaten by Dogs,’ Cincinnati, and uncanny predictions

Body Void interview

Body Void are documenting a hellscape of absurdity

We spoke with guitarist/vocalist Willow Ryan about ‘Atrocity Machine’ and crafting an atmosphere of horror

The Menzingers interview

The Menzingers Find Hope in the Past

We chat with Gret Barnett about ‘Some of It Was True’, growing up and gaining confidence

Explosions in the Sky interview

Explosions in the Sky Begin Again

This isn’t the end for the Austin post-rock group

Ratboys interview

Ratboys are growing together

We speak with Julia Steiner about the band’s decade-plus journey, and new album ‘The Window’

Divide and Dissolve interview

Divide and Dissolve’s Vision of Sound

Takiaya Reed discusses the duo’s distinctive anti-colonial heavy music, conveying emotion rather than explicit verbal messages

Geld interview

The no-rules hardcore of Geld

The Australian band discusses their open-ended approach, growing stable and going through hell

Mandy Indiana interview

Mandy, Indiana want to rattle your bones

We spoke to the band’s Valentine Caulfield about caves, sirens, revolution and freedom

Gumm interview

Gumm are embracing hardcore’s complexities

Drew Waldon talks nuance in heavy music, diverse influences and new album ‘Slogan Machine’

Debby Friday interview

Debby Friday’s Harmony in Dissonance

The Toronto artist discusses her new album ‘GOOD LUCK,’ her love of noise, and personal growth

Big Brave interview 2023

Big|Brave’s all-encompassing catharsis

The Montreal trio discuss their new album, celebrating 10 years as a band, and treating every show like it’s their last

Current interview

Visiting Yesterday’s Tomorrow with Current

A conversation with members of the influential Michigan post-hardcore band about their new Numero Group retrospective

mclusky interview

Finding the Right Balance: An interview with Mclusky

A chat with Andrew Falkous ahead of the band’s U.S. reunion tour

Dream Unending interview

The spiritual alignment of Dream Unending

We spoke to Derrick Vella about ‘Song of Salvation,’ ambient music and embracing space

Andrew Combs interview

A Year of Sundays: A conversation with Andrew Combs

We chat with the singer/songwriter about new album ‘Sundays’, mental health, and accepting blame

High Vis interview

High Vis get a little bit nicer

We chat with the London group’s vocalist Graham Sayle about their new album ‘Blending,’ therapy, and growing up hardcore.

Russian Circles interview

Russian Circles’ Cloud of Uncertainty

Brian Cook talks ‘Gnosis,’ evolving with age, and the importance of life outside a band

Brijean interview

More Life: An interview with Brijean

The Bay Area duo talks visual art and creativity in isolation.

Flasher interview

Go With Your Gut: An interview with Flasher

We talk to the indie pop duo about being a bicoastal band, personal change and musical obsessions.