Current interview

Visiting Yesterday’s Tomorrow with Current

A conversation with members of the influential Michigan post-hardcore band about their new Numero Group retrospective

mclusky interview

Finding the Right Balance: An interview with Mclusky

A chat with Andrew Falkous ahead of the band’s U.S. reunion tour

Dream Unending interview

The spiritual alignment of Dream Unending

We spoke to Derrick Vella about ‘Song of Salvation,’ ambient music and embracing space

Andrew Combs interview

A Year of Sundays: A conversation with Andrew Combs

We chat with the singer/songwriter about new album ‘Sundays’, mental health, and accepting blame

High Vis interview

High Vis get a little bit nicer

We chat with the London group’s vocalist Graham Sayle about their new album ‘Blending,’ therapy, and growing up hardcore.

Russian Circles interview

Russian Circles’ Cloud of Uncertainty

Brian Cook talks ‘Gnosis,’ evolving with age, and the importance of life outside a band

Brijean interview

More Life: An interview with Brijean

The Bay Area duo talks visual art and creativity in isolation.

Flasher interview

Go With Your Gut: An interview with Flasher

We talk to the indie pop duo about being a bicoastal band, personal change and musical obsessions.

Shearwater interview

Shearwater listens to the world

We chat with Jonathan Meiburg about ‘The Great Awakening’

Cave In Stephen Brodsky interview

The Pendulum Swings: Cave In’s Stephen Brodsky on two decades of heavy explorations

Cave In’s frontman talks ‘Heavy Pendulum,’ the band’s legacy, his other collabs and more

Just Mustard interview

The harmonious world of Just Mustard

We speak to the Irish shoegaze band ahead of the release of their new album, ‘Heart Under’

Ben Marc interview

Jazz is Life: An interview with Ben Marc

We speak to the jazz bassist and songwriter about his new LP, learning from collaborators, and why a classical background doesn’t guarantee anything

Prince Daddy and the Hyena interview

Prince Daddy and the Hyena embrace unpredictability

Treble talks to Kory Gregory about their self-titled album, dubious backstories and mortality.

HEALTH interview

HEALTH on finding new frontiers through collaboration

Vocalist Jake Duzsik talks ‘DISCO 4’, collaborating over email, and how working with others leads to the band’s ongoing evolution.

Neil Hannon interview

The Charmed Offensive: A Conversation With Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy

We chat with Hannon ahead of The Divine Comedy’s upcoming career retrospective.


Cloakroom know their product

How the band used the pandemic to make their most refined record yet.

Curtis Harding interview

Curtis Harding Has Something Worth Saying

The Atlanta artist talks about putting something positive into the world and the records that helped him.

Hayden Pedigo

Hayden Pedigo is Soundtracking the Strange Beauty of the Northern Texas Landscape

The Texas guitarist has conflicting personas, but he just wants his music to be taken seriously.

Militarie Gun interview

Perpetual Motion: An Interview with Militarie Gun’s Ian Shelton

We chat with the artist behind the prolific punk rock project, who also drums in Regional Justice Center.

La Luz interview

La Luz Reaches a Deeper Place

We talk to Shana Cleveland about making more intimate music, ‘The Monkees’ and love.