Shadow of the Horns

Our regular metal column, and your pipeline to darkness.

Frail Body

6 Great New Metal Albums to Kick Spring Into High Gear

Living legends, heavyweights, and new breakthroughs.

The Body & Dis Fig

6 New Metal Albums for a Cathartic Purge

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6 of the Best Metal Debut Albums of 2023 So Far

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Pupil Slicer

6 New Metal Albums That Make Feeling Bad Feel Good

The best metal albums of June/July, for a particularly mopey summer.

Full of Hell and Primitive Man

6 Essential New Metal Albums for a Blistering Spring

With spring comes rebirth, and six albums that absolutely destroy


6 Essential New Metal Albums That Get Satisfyingly Weird

A six-pack of heavy records that lean toward the psychedelic and the avant garde

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6 Essential New Metal Albums for Fans of Metal from the ’80s

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6 Essential New Metal Albums for a Summer of Chaos

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6 Essential New Metal Albums That Defy Genre

A six pack of records that take metal to some less easily definable places.