Album Reviews

Pole Fading review

Pole : Fading

Melodies collapsing into dissonance.

Ghost Funk Orchestra An Ode to Escapism review

Ghost Funk Orchestra : An Ode to Escapism

The cinematic soul combo deliver their most stylish suite yet.

Aesop Rock Spirit world field guide review

Aesop Rock : Spirit World Field Guide

Aes creates an audio guide to a fantastical realm on his latest.

Fuck the Facts Plene Noirceur review

Fuck the Facts : Plene Noirceur

The Canadian grindcore band deliver well-calculated brutality on their 11th album.

High Out My Scope review

HiGH : Out My Scope

Out My Scope is the third album from HiGH, a band who between their first…

Salem Fires in Heaven review

SALEM : Fires in Heaven

Once upon a time there was a subgenre called “witch house,” the emphasis here being…

Faten Kanaan A Mythology of Circles review

Faten Kanaan : A Mythology of Circles

A progressive electronic work that feels more like a cinematic epic.

Molchat Doma Monument review

Molchat Doma : Monument

The Belarusian coldwave trio create a fitting musical companion to the dark winter nights ahead.

Coop presents plug one review

Various Artists : CoOp Presents Plug One

IG Culture and Alex Phountzi bring together a sprawling set of under-the-radar producers in the name of broken beat.

Machinedrum A View of U review

Machinedrum : A View of U

Travis Stewart grows closer to becoming a master of all trades on his latest.

Autechre Sign review

Autechre : SIGN/PLUS

In a surprising show of conciseness, the new Autechre record revealed itself to be a…

This is the Kit Off Off On review

This Is the Kit: Off Off On

Kate Stables’ latest feels like a hopeful mind clouded by unavoidable horror.

Nothing Great Dismal review

Nothing : The Great Dismal

The Philadelphia shoegazers go darker and heavier on their fourth album.

Jeff Tweedy Love is King review

Jeff Tweedy : Love is the King

The latest solo effort from the Wilco leader and vocalist is a work of warmth and affection.

William Basinski Lamentations review

William Basinski – Lamentations

The ambient composer follows up a celebratory lounge-disco album with a mournful set of ghostly loops.

HEALTH Disco4 review


The L.A. band’s new set of collaborative tracks is their closest approximation of vintage industrial.

Actress Karma & Desire review

Actress : Karma & Desire

Darren Cunningham’s latest is a great batch of songs that feel strangely disconnected from one another.

Mr Bungle Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny review

Mr. Bungle : The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny

The Mike Patton-fronted art-metal weirdos revisit their thrash days on this reworking of their early demo.

Black to Comm Oocyte Oil and Stolen Androgens review

Black to Comm : Oocyte Oil and Stolen Androgens

March Richter explores the human voice in his more spacious set of dark ambient compositions.

Magic Oneohtrix Point Never review

Oneohtrix Point Never : Magic Oneohtrix Point Never

Daniel Lopatin’s most accessible release to date is also a new high point for the producer.