Album Reviews

Bicep Isles review

Bicep : Isles

The Northern Ireland duo throw a rave with some of the best hand-me-downs from the ’90s.

Here Lies Man Ritual Divination review

Here Lies Man : Ritual Divination

Chico Mann’s stoner-Afrobeat outfit explores more drone-based spaces on the band’s latest.

Patricia Brennan Maquishti review

Patricia Brennan : Maquishti

The vibraphonist/marimba player’s debut album is a set of soundscapes both elegant and patient.

G.I.S.M. Detestation review

G.I.S.M. : Detestation

Relapse’s reissue of the Japanese hardcore outfit’s debut serves as a reminder of their intense power.

Viagra Boys Welfare Jazz review

Viagra Boys : Welfare Jazz

An album that already feels like a soundtrack to the chaos and absurdity of this still-young year.

Aaron frazer introducing review

Aaron Frazer : Introducing…

The debut LP from the drummer of The Indications is a celebration of 45 culture.

Black Wing No Moon review

Black Wing : No Moon

Dan Barrett is an artist who possesses many talents. He creates anthemic yet eerie post-punk…

Rico Nasty Nightmare Vacation review

Rico Nasty : Nightmare Vacation

The DMV rapper offers two modes on her new album: eccentric misanthropy and ethereal tripping balls.

Boris Merzbow 2r0i2p0 review

Boris & Merzbow : 2R0I2P0

The Japanese metal trio and noise artist mark their eighth collaboration with a close to a torturous year.

Jimi Hendrix Live in Maui review

Jimi Hendrix Experience : Live in Maui

A newly released live document from 1970 captures an interesting moment for Hendrix and a glimpse of what might have been on the horizon.

Liturgy origin of the alimonies review

Liturgy : Origin of the Alimonies

Hunter Hunt-Hendrix’s new “opera” retains some of the black metal of their earlier days.

lindstrom prins thomas iii review

Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas : III

The Norwegian production team does disco’s legacy right on their new set of dancefloor jams.

Molly Parden Rosemary review

Molly Parden : Rosemary

The Atlanta singer/songwriter doesn’t shy away from vulnerability on her latest EP.

Pole Fading review

Pole : Fading

Melodies collapsing into dissonance.

Ghost Funk Orchestra An Ode to Escapism review

Ghost Funk Orchestra : An Ode to Escapism

The cinematic soul combo deliver their most stylish suite yet.

Aesop Rock Spirit world field guide review

Aesop Rock : Spirit World Field Guide

Aes creates an audio guide to a fantastical realm on his latest.

Fuck the Facts Plene Noirceur review

Fuck the Facts : Pleine Noirceur

The Canadian grindcore band deliver well-calculated brutality on their 11th album.

High Out My Scope review

HiGH : Out My Scope

Out My Scope is the third album from HiGH, a band who between their first…

Salem Fires in Heaven review

SALEM : Fires in Heaven

Once upon a time there was a subgenre called “witch house,” the emphasis here being…

best electronic albums of 2020 Faten Kanaan

Faten Kanaan : A Mythology of Circles

A progressive electronic work that feels more like a cinematic epic.