Album Reviews

Grave Miasma Abyss of Wrathful Deities review

Grave Miasma : Abyss of Wrathful Deities

A classicist slab of blackened death metal, in the most brutal of ways.

Pardoner Came Down Different review

Pardoner : Came Down Different

The San Francisco band’s third album is their most fully realized batch of songs to date.

Bare Wire Son Off Black review

Bare Wire Son : Off Black

A bleak and haunting document of WWI through slow-moving drones.

Sufjan Stevens Convocations review

Sufjan Stevens : Convocations

A lengthy yet deeply moving meditation on grief through five ambient sets.

Tomas Nordmark exit ghosts review

Tomas Nordmark : Exit Ghosts

An album that evokes frozen rivers and vast plains of snow.

Flying Lotus Yasuke review

Flying Lotus : Yasuke

The producer delivers an exhilarating soundtrack to the new Netflix anime, for which he also serves as executive producer.

Spectral Lore Ετερόφωτος review

Spectral Lore : Ετερόφωτος

The Greek black metal outfit aims for heights beyond the known world.

Victory Over the Sun Nowherer review

Victory Over the Sun : Nowherer

A microtonal metal album that dazzles to the very end.

Iceage Seek Shelter review

Iceage : Seek Shelter

The most soulful, bluesy and big-hearted that Iceage has ever sounded.

Clyde Rally Finish review

CLYDE : Rally Finish

The UK producer finds the common ground between vintage jungle and rally culture.

Amigo the Devil Born Against review

Amigo the Devil : Born Against

Danny Kiranos builds on his sound without leaving the darkness behind.

Son Lux Tomorrows III review

Son Lux : Tomorrows III

The experimental electronic outfit’s latest is so odd, it’s prime.

Gojira Fortitude review

Gojira : Fortitude

The French metal band maintain their masterful balance of technicality and progressive metal on their latest.

Alan Vega Mutator review

Alan Vega : Mutator

The late Suicide vocalist’s newly unearthed set of unreleased songs is contemporized, yet feels inevitable.

Sarah Louise Earth Bow review

Sarah Louise : Earth Bow

The guitarist and soundscapist returns with a set of music deeply attuned to the natural world.

Lion's Daughter Skin Show review

The Lion’s Daughter : Skin Show

The metal trio more seamlessly blend horror tropes with crushing riffs.

sarah louise earth bow review

Satomimagae : Hanazono

An intimate psych-folk album that captures what the artist calls a “small outer space.”

Dinosaur Jr. Sweep It Into Space review

Dinosaur Jr. : Sweep It Into Space

The legendary trio are in top form in this set of howling guitar riffs and earworm melodies.

Body Void Bury Me Beneath This Rotting Earth review

Body Void : Bury Me Beneath This Rotting Earth

A metal album set to the rhythm of the doomsday clock.

Gloomseeker Violet Grim review

Gloomseeker : The Violet Grim

A bittersweet spectacle of bronze industrial waste.