Essential Tracks

Izy Frantic essential track

Izy’s “Frantic” is a deep groove

A slab of tasty, mysterious funk from the Australian trio.

Iceage new single holding hand

Iceage’s “Vendetta” is an intoxicating groove

The Danish group emerge with a hedonistic glam-groove

The Armed All Futures essential track

The Armed’s “All Futures” is giddy hardcore overload

A hypercaffeinated burst of infectious hardcore.

Colleen Santa Eulalia essential track

Colleen’s “Gazing at Taurus – Santa Eulalia” is enchantingly hypnotic

A solitary, yet beautifully joyful dirge that feels like light breaking through the window

Julien Baker favor essential track

On “Favor,” Julien Baker finds perfect harmony with her boygenius bandmates

Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus reunite with Baker on this gorgeous, moving anthem.

Lonnie Holley Matthew E. White This Here Jungle of Moderness

Matthew E. White and Lonnie Holley channel cosmic energy on “This Here Jungle of Moderness”

The first track from the duo’s new collaborative album is a frantic funk fusion landscape.

Visionist The Fold Essential track

Visionist’s “The Fold” is both fragile and powerful

Hear the UK producer’s new single, featuring Haley Fohr (Circuit des Yeux).

The Weather Station Atlantic essential track

The Weather Station’s “Atlantic” pulses with anxiety

A darkly seductive pulse drives the new single from the Toronto group.

Mdou Moctar Chismiten

Mdou Moctar’s “Chismiten” is electric, dynamic desert blues

Hear the desert blues guitarist’s first single for Matador, and it’s a real heater.

Emma Ruth Rundle Thou The Valley Essential Track

Emma Ruth Rundle and Thou’s “The Valley” is a climactic, haunting convergence

The second single from ‘May Our Chambers Be Full’ is an epic slow burn.

best songs of 2020 Gunn Trucsinski Duo

Gunn-Truscinski Duo’s “For Eddie Hazel” is a transcendent guitar celebration

The new psychedelic sound piece from ‘Soundkeeper’ is breathtaking guitar wizardry.

Faye Webster better distractions essential track

Faye Webster’s “Better Distractions” is a feel-good banger about feeling bad

Faye Webster‘s everyday “woeness” is generally not the type of jam I dig. Sure, life…

Boris new album NO

Boris deliver explosive noise rock on “Loveless”

The first single from ‘NO’ is an absolute ripper.

Folie essential track

Folie’s “cortisol” sounds like colorful darkness

The New York musician captures a specific, cathartic absurdity in her music.

Khruangbin essential track

Khruangbin’s “Time (You and I)” is on point and in the pocket

The first single from the band’s upcoming Mordechai is all groove.

Tengger new album Nomad

Tengger find stillness in momentum on “Eurasia”

Definitely interesting, by no means ignorable.

Irreversible Entanglements new album Who Sent You

Irreversible Entanglements’ “Bread Out of Stone” is a meditative jazz hypnosis

A standout moment of jazz poetry from the Philadelphia group’s upcoming album.