Hear a new groover from Klaus Johan Grobe, “Try”

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Swiss duo Klaus Johan Grobe are returning with their fourth album, Io tu il loro—their first in six years—which is out March 22 via Trouble In Mind. Today they share a new song from the album, “Try,” an easy-going jam reminiscent of lush 1970s funk and pop, draped in velvet and with some undeniable analog keyboard grooves. It’s a rich set of in-the-pocket headphone pop, and you can hear the song below.

The group said in a statement: “”Try” might be the “coolest” song on the record. It’s somehow the closest to our old sound but yet it is not. It’s soft rock in a, you know, white-men-trying-to-be-funky-and-soulful vein. In the end it turned out pretty raw, which is nice, and helps. Call it anti soft rock, it’s cool.”

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Klaus Johan Grobe Io tu il loro tracklist:

1. Highway High
2. Getting Down To Adria
3. Never Going Easy
4. When You Leave
5. Try
6. Bay Of Love
7. Io Sempre Si Tu
8. Better Do
9. You Gave It All

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