Neckbolt share heavy, psychedelic new track “The Lighted Chamber”

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On November 5, Austin, Texas’ Neckbolt will release their new album Midwestern Drawl via Spider Dispatch Unit. The band has an intense, heavy and trippy noise rock sound, balancing the thunderous punch of Lightning Bolt with the squealing psychedelia of early Flaming Lips. Today they’ve shared a new track from the album, “The Lighted Chamber,” which is the band at their most urgent and intense, a hallucinatory frenzy of fuzz and tension.

They’ve also shared a new video for the track, which the group shot for their live VHS release, Neckbolt Live! at the Museum of Human Achievement. The clip was performed, shot, tracked, and edited by Benjamin Krause, Bill Indelicato, Brent Hodge, James Roo, and Kilyn Massey with the additional help of Jasper den Hartigh. And it’s a blistering bruiser of a track. See the psychedelic noise rock weirdness below.

Neckbolt Midwestern Drawl tracklist:

1. The Saddle
2. Jawline
3. Black Stars Over…
4. House on the Borderland
5. The Lighted Chamber
6. Half-Eaten
7. Sandwich
8. …Over The Lake
9. Unlighted Chambers
10. Wild Streams of Violet Midnight
11. Diver’s Sorts

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