The Nervous Hex deliver guitar-driven euphoria on “Ghosting”

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The Nervous Hex ghosting

Tomorrow, November 5, The Nervous Hex—an indie rock trio with members in both California and New York—will release their debut self-titled EP via Dead Stare. And today, they share a new track from the EP, “Ghosting,” which is rich in hypnotic layers of guitar, splitting the difference between ’80s college rock jangle and peak shoegaze. It’s an aural feast for those who love the sound of indie rock guitars. The band’s Ryan Traster says in a press release that they wanted to make the “second best guitar album of 1988,” referring to a remark made by Thurston Moore about Galaxie 500’s Today being the best. And don’t be surprised if you hear a little bit of both Sonic Youth and Galaxie 500 in “Ghosting.”

The Nervous Hex’s Dylan Schultz says in a statement, “‘Ghosting’ was sonically inspired by Dinosaur Jr’s lush, chiller songs. It was an empty, haunted time, so I was particularly obsessed with the idea of ghosting in its modern usage, and the idea of ghosts as unshakable shadows of the past.”

Hear the track below.

The full EP will be released tomorrow. Check out their Bandcamp.

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