Nightshift announce new album Homosapien

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Glasgow post-punk group Nightshift return with a new album. On July 26, they’ll release third album Homosapien via Trouble in Mind. Today they’ve shared the first single, “Crystal Ball,” which you can hear below.

The group’s Eothen Stern said about the song, “Have to say this idea came about through the despair of the aftermath of Brexit and going back to visit the seaside town surrounding the area I’m from in the south coast of England, an area that is inherently very Tory/conservative and voted to leave. This was one of the many to follow scary moves towards fascism. This ongoing idea that you believe there is progress but your idea of progress, community, acceptance, difference is not other people’s idea of progress and ultimately it is regression to darker years. The song refers to the scary reality that many people feel to tighten border control and hostile fear of others. ‘Archaic seaside voting for the oppressor, you’ll never get the upper hand. Take my hand and understand.’ The idea of bringing people in and not making them feel like no one cares about them. But also being angry that they aren’t able to accept anything but fascism. The area I’m from is on the south coast of England, an area that is inherently very Tory/conservative. Glasgow is more left/socialist leaning. Fight around left and right and have recently been very inspired by Naomi Klein’s Doppelganger book talking about political diagonalism and how the jump from the left to the right is all warped. I was thinking about how in austerity there can become this scarcity politics where marginalized groups also turn against one another. When they in fact have more in common under the same oppressive government than they realize.”

Nightshift’s previous album Zöe is featured on our list of 10 Essential Trouble in Mind Albums.

Nightshift Homosapien tracklist:

1. Crystal Ball
2. Sure Look
3. Together We Roll
4. S.U.V.
5. Your Good Self
6. Cut
7. Side Effects
8. Phone
9. Tutorial
10. Mellow Baby
11. Crush

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