Watch Loose Wing’s colorfully psychedelic video for “Distant Lawns”

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Last week, Seattle psych-pop outfit Loose Wing released their second album Miracle Baby via Drums & Wires Recordings. And today, they’ve shared the new video for “Distant Lawns.” The song is a pulsing, synth-laden set of spacey, atmospheric pop that converges into a shimmering jangle-pop chorus, reminiscent of early R.E.M. and The Church. It’s like hearing new wave morph into college rock in real time, while the video, by Marcy Stone-Francois, depicts the group floating in bubbles, captured in frames on a wall, and yes, even in outer space. It’s trippy, fun and consistently visually stimulating. Watch it below.

Loose Wing’s Claire Tucker said in a statement, “All of us are pursuing similar goals in parallel but end up absorbed in our own insular little worlds. When I wrote this song, I had an image of a quiet suburban house, with sliding glass doors leading into a well-maintained backyard. Just being in that backyard on a summer night, and hearing a party going on down the street, or maybe people arguing, kids playing, and feeling safe but totally separate from all these people who are physically so close.

“For the video, (Director) Marcy (Stone-Francois) presented us with a “psychedelic wonderland” concept, and it was a perfect fit with these themes. The video mirrors the lack of control I feel in my adult life, despite the knowledge that my own choices have led me to my current circumstances. There is a sensation of floating, in a holding pattern, while everything melts around us. But it’s also an upbeat pop song!”

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