Goat – “Hide from the Sun” video

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Goat Hide from the Sun video

Dangerous Minds has just premiered the new video for “Hide From the Sun,” off of Commune, the psychedelic and wonderful new album by eclectic Swedish art-psych weirdos Goat. It’s a dark and interesting video, featuring images of a woman running (sometimes backward, sometimes with kaleidoscope effects), who then encounters a cult of people in strange, Kachina-like animal outfits. And yes, some of them look like goats. One wears leggings with blinking eyes on them (trippy!), and another opens his coat to reveal a hypnotic triangle amulet. Next thing you know, the girl becomes the cult’s queen. Yeah. Weird stuff, people, as you might expect from the mighty Goat.

The video was directed by Sam Macon and features artwork from Stacey Rozich. Watch it below.

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