St. Vincent – “Birth in Reverse”

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St. Vincent Birth in Reverse video

St. Vincent had a pretty great year. Her new album St. Vincent was one of our favorites of the year — in fact, it ended up as number two on our Top 50 Albums of the Year. Likewise, standout track “Birth In Reverse” was our number six track of the year, and now it has a cool video. Directed by Willo Perron, the video features Annie Clark performing the song among billowing smoke, and standing against a honeycomb wall with her silvery hair defying gravity. There are some weird dance moves, some of which are printed on the wall, and some avant garde fashion that’s a little odd, but definitely in character for Clark. Anyhow, St. Vincent is never anything less than entertaining and this is no exception at all. Now, give us a minute while we try to follow the dance instructions in the video.

Watch the St. Vincent “Birth in Reverse” video below.

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