7Seconds have broken up

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7Seconds break up

Legendary hardcore band 7Seconds have broken up. The Reno, Nevada-based punk legends, formed by brothers Kevin and Steve Marvelli aka Kevin Seconds and Steve Youth, released a statement on their Facebook page that they’ve decided to call it a day. Kevin Seconds says in the note that drummer Troy Mowat has a fractured vertebrae and torn rotator cuff, and has suffered nerve damage. He also mentions that Steve Youth has blindness in one eye, which has led to anxiety and depression.

“Those who have worked closely with us or who have followed us throughout our 38 years know how dysfunctional we can be but we always managed to pull our shit together at just the right time,” Seconds says. “This time around, the reality of being middle-aged, working class, not terribly relevant and not being able to bounce back from injuries and personal problems has become a weight just too great for us to bear and all signs finally point to retirement.

“No more band member replacements or even temporary fill-ins. 7Seconds is Steve, Troy, Bobby and Kev. Pretty much always has been and will be.”

Read the full statement here.

The group’s last album was 2014’s Leave a Light On.

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