Hear the psychedelic new groover from Abraxas, “Göbekli Tepe”

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Abraxas gobleki tepe

On October 28, Abraxas—the duo of Carolina Faruolo (ex-Los Bitchos) and Danny Lee Blackwell (Night Beats)—release their debut album Monte Carlo via Suicide Squeeze. Today, they’ve shared a new video for “Göbekli Tepe,” named for an archeological site in Turkey and which grooves amid a psychedelic swirl of reverb and hypnotic guitar licks. Inspired by both Anatolian rock and Brazilian samba, it takes the listener on a ride into some strange and exotic places in just a little over four minutes, all the while maintaining a rhythmic sensibility that keeps it from ever diving too deep into a chemically induced netherworld. It’s also just cool AF.

The group shared a statement about the track: “A dense, electricity filled fog hovers over the grounds of ‘Göbekli Tepe’. A dark samba emerges, drifting through the vines covered monolithic halls; while in rhythm with the sleeping jaguars and chirping cicadas. The beckoning choruses lull our traveler into a bossa nova induced trance, while the hand rhythms keep the pulse of the jungle.” Check out the video below, with visualizations by Bradley Hale.

Abraxas Monte Carlo tracklist:

1. Sunrise State (Of Mind)
2. Mañana
3. Sultan
4. Monte Carlo
5. La Estampida
6. Hourglass
7. Prismatic
8. Yes
9. Golden
10. Fuji
11. Shapeshifter
12. Göbekli Tepe

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