Aesop Rock and Jeremy Fish introduce “Long Legged Larry” for National Frog Day

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Aesop Rock Long Legged Larry

March 20 is National Frog Day, and the celebrate the occasion, Aesop Rock and Jeremy Fish have released a new collaboration: “Long Legged Larry.” The new song is being released as a standalone 7-inch, as well as a new batch of merch, including a beanbag toy, depicting Larry, who is a chill AF frog with a beard and shorts.

Rob Shaw directed the stop-motion animated video for “Long Legged Larry,” which finds the title frog doing good deeds: helping a kitty out of a tree, saving a trapeze poodle from falling to its doom, and even helping a princess down from a tall tower. The boy can leap. All the while, he’s got Aesop’s jam pumping in his headphones. Check out the video below, and take a look at the new line of merch here.

Aesop Rock’s latest album is Spirit World Field Guide.

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