Ballast Point and Treble’s Ultimate Summer Playlist

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Ballast Point Ultimate Summer Playlist

There are a few foolproof things that will guarantee a perfect summer: The beach, cold Ballast Point craft beer, and some great music. Combine all three, and you can’t go wrong—which is why Treble has collaborated with Ballast Point on a playlist that captures the sound of West Coast summers from the ‘60s on up to the present, from surf rock and punk to hip-hop and Huey Lewis. With summer in full swing and the temperature rising, we’ve put together a perfect soundtrack for surfing, beach bonfires, or simply having a laid-back hangout with friends—and some chilled cans of Ballast Point beer. From Dick Dale to The Ramones, A Tribe Called Quest to the B-52’s, our Ultimate Summer Playlist—curated by members of the teams at both Treble and Ballast Point—will make your summer sound that much better. Not that you can’t listen to these songs in the fall or winter—it will just end up feeling like summer year round! 

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