Barker announces new EP, Unfixed

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Barker has announced a new EP. On August 25, the Berlin-based producer will release Unfixed via Smalltown Supersound. A press release states that the EP finds him “inverting the musical equation and exploring the variability and sonic possibilities of the kick-drum,” following his 2019 album Utility, which primarily comprised kickless techno productions. Today, he’s released the squelchy and snarly new techno banger “Birmingham Screwdriver,” full of warped synth filters and a more direct infusion of bass-driven energy, which you can check out below, along with the EP’s tracklist and artwork.

A press release describes the EP as a “mix of raw, stuttering, psychedelic growl, kosmische techno, and infinite iterations of a single groove.”

Barker new EP Unfixed

Barker Unfixed tracklist:

1. Birmingham Screwdriver
2. Wick and Wax
3. Golden Hammer
4. Percussive Maintenance

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