A Certain Ratio announces new EP, ACR:EPA

New set includes jams with late vocalist Denise Johnson.

Blanck Mass In Ferneaux review

Blanck Mass : In Ferneaux

Benjamin John Power dials back the intensity on this set comprising two lengthy compositions.

Daft Punk

Daft Punk break up

The French house duo calls it a day.

Octo Octa She's Calling review

Octo Octa : She’s Calling

Maya Bouldry-Morrison’s latest EP rounds out a trio with some of her most authentic and personal pieces yet.

The Notwist Vertigo Days review

The Notwist : Vertigo Days

A more subdued version of the band arrives on their first new album in seven years.

Vakoum Linchpin album stream

Stream the dreamy, shapeshifting new album from Vákoum, Linchpin

The electronic duo release their debut album on Friday.

Dawn Richard new album Second Line

Dawn Richard announces new album, Second Line

Hear new single “Bussifame.”

Madlib Sound Ancestors review

Madlib : Sound Ancestors

An underwhelming entry—the first, really—in two heavyweights’ careers.

Caribou announces Suddenly Remixes

Hear Koreless’ remix of “Never Come Back.”

Field Works new album Cedars

A new Field Works album, Cedars, is due in March

Producer Stuart Hyatt lines up the next album in his ongoing Field Works series.

John Carpenter interview

Passion and Freedom in Music: A Conversation with John Carpenter

The Horror Master discusses his new installment of the ‘Lost Themes’ albums, making his own music vs. scoring films, and having fun with creativity.


Imagination and Attempt: SOPHIE’s radical pop legacy

A look back at the electronic artist’s iconoclastic career.

Colleen Santa Eulalia essential track

Colleen’s “Gazing at Taurus – Santa Eulalia” is enchantingly hypnotic

A solitary, yet beautifully joyful dirge that feels like light breaking through the window

Nun Gun Mondo Decay

Nun Gun (feat. members of Algiers) announces new album Mondo Decay

See the video for new single “Stealth Empire,” featuring The Pop Group’s Mark Stewart.


R.I.P. electronic producer SOPHIE

The innovative British producer has died at 34.

Somewhere Between Mutant Pop review

Various Artists: Somewhere Between: Mutant Pop, Electronic Minimalism & Shadow Sounds of Japan 1980-1988

A compilation of Japanese electronic pop that’s rewarding in its variety and singularity.

serpentwithfeet new album DEACON

Serpentwithfeet announces new album, DEACON

Hear new single “Fellowship.”

Martin Gore Howler review

Martin Gore : The Third Chimpanzee

The Depeche Mode co-founder delivers a short set of primate-inspired electronic compositions.