Beauty Pill share new election-season video for “Instant Night”

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Beauty Pill Instant Night video

Beauty Pill have just shared a new single titled “Instant Night.” And with two weeks to go before Election Day, the Washington, D.C. band has shared a new video for the track that focuses on the political villains of this election season. The song itself is an electronics-driven ambient pop track, but the somewhat less subtle clip focuses in on an illustrator drawing portraits of Donald Trump, Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell, but as the video progresses, their faces evolve into more monstrous images. It’s a reminder of what’s at stake during the election in November.

Beauty Pill’s Chad Clark says in a press release, “I really want people to hear this song before the election.  I want people to take a moment to contemplate the choice at hand.  I don’t know if a song can persuade a person to vote, but I want to try. Maybe in our small way, we can try to… change the world?…”

Watch the clip below.

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