Bedroom Walls : All Good Dreamers Pass This Way

To cartoon fans, Droopy Dog is a Tex Avery character who, with incredible lethargy, is somewhat saddening, but is extremely precise in outwitting wolves and as such, always comes out on top. To Bedroom Walls fans, Droopy Dog is sort of like Bedroom Walls, minus of course the outwitting wolves stuff. On their new album, All Good Dreamers Pass This Way, Bedroom Walls take their time to let their melodies reach perfection, refusing to rush them and keep them subtler and less immediate than other bands may be inclined to do. The results are quasi-slow-jams for the crossroads between the ambient and love song set, inclined to make a sound that Bedroom Walls calls Romanticore, that, like a tightrope artist, is most of the time balanced in a steady and paradoxically slow death-defying crawl, but every once in a while, loses his graceful balance and stumbles like Woody Allen into the oversized breasts of excitement.

All Good Dreamers Pass This Way is the second album from the L.A. band that has coined its inventive Romanticore sound as shoegazer’s sonnets. The seven-member band keeps busy individually, with many creative side projects such as painting, cooking, pantomime, and making porno soundtracks, all of which come together in a mish-mash dough capable of forming Bedroom Walls.

The first track of the album, “In Anticipation of Your Suicide” welcomes listeners warmheartedly with a steady beat that is always on the fence between the Morose and Blithe’s backyards, and an eager yet slightly despondent voice shakes your hand while briefly mentioning killing yourself in light satire like it was “last year’s news.” “Kathy in Her Bedroom” summarizes most of the usual topics for Romanticore music, listed on their web page, while bringing the beat of the music into a sort of merry dance tune. The piercing violin on “Somewhere in Newhall” brings a foreign sense of urgency that, while never losing its vigor, eventually fades into the familiar Meursault type of existence that is discussed in a sort of lighthearted manner in “Do the Buildings and Cops Make You Smile?”

Bedroom Walls have found a much appreciated space in music today, combining all of the usual stimuli and feelings of the young and orchestrating it all to recreate the youth experience as it swaggers down life in the fast lane, hoping to hitch a ride for the opportunity just to be with someone.

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