Black Keys : Rubber Factory

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“Brace yourself partner,” I told my friend. I had a feeling that he would have really loved the sound of the Black Keys, had he the chance to hear them, so I played a snippet of Rubber Factory for him, giving him a taste of the duo’s raw, bluesy, soulful sound. Upon my telling him that the Black Keys are two white dudes from Akron, Ohio, he was left with a rather puzzled expression on his face. Once he learned this bubble of information about the Black Keys, he became even more intrigued.

I played my friend “Aeroplane Blues,” “Till I Get My Way” and “The Lengths,” three songs which I consider to be Rubber Factory‘s brightest moments. If Dan Auerbach or Patrick Carney from The Black Keys ever read this review, I’d like to convey to them that I would love to hear more awesome, heartfelt, slower songs like “The Lengths” on upcoming albums. Moving on.

Unfortunately, the end of my story is somewhat anti-climatic. I’m not sure what my friend really thought of the Black Keys. He treated them in the same humoring manner as he always does with new stuff I send him. He seems to enjoy the new music I play for him, but never talks about his opinions, his critiques or, really, anything about the album. Still, I find excitement in turning my friends onto all the great bands that are out there, and The Black Keys happen to be one of them. But, I advise that those reading to not do as my friend and check out Rubber Factory, if for no other reason than to hear the rad song, “The Lengths.”

Whether you’ve had the best or worst day of your life, or whether you are able to see the Black Keys live or merely listen to them only in your headphones, the Black Keys can always brighten your day within instants of listening to them. Rubber Factory is the Black Keys’ third full-length album and contains the great soulful rock they have been making since day one. And hopefully, it’s the sound that they will continue to generate in the future.

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