Britt Daniel and Jason Narducy are Split Single

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Split Single Fragmented World

Britt Daniel, frontman of Spoon and member of Divine Fits, has announced a new band called Split Single with Jason Narducy, formerly of Verbow and touring member of Bob Mould’s band. The group also features drummer Jon Wurster, of Superchunk and The Mountain Goats. Narducy is the frontman of the group, while Daniel plays bass and provides backing vocals.

The band is releasing their debut album, Fragmented World, on April 1. The band has already released a few tracks online, and has plans in the works to tour this spring, including a stop at SXSW. The touring band will feature Ben Troken (Reigning Sound) and Tim Remis backing up Narducy. Daniel says in a press release, “I’m always wearing so many hats, so I loved the idea of being in a band where all I do is play bass on someone else’s stuff. I felt like a session musician, which was so cool. Still, I got pretty in depth: there were no preconceptions, which is what collaboration is all about.”

Split Single Fragmented World:

1 Waiting for the Sun
2 Monolith
3 Last Goodbye
4 Searches
5 Fragmented World
6 Made For Breaking
7 Love Is You
8 Never Look Back
9 My Eyes
10 My Heart Is Your Shadow

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