Cyclopean – “Fingers”

Cyclopean "Fingers"

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On the heels of the release of Can’s Lost Tapesbox set in 2012, two of the band’s members, Jaki Liebezeit and Irmin Schmidt, are releasing an EP of material they recorded in France last year with Liebezeit’s Secret Rythms collaborator, Burnt Friedman, and Jono Podmore, who has worked with Schmidt as Schmidt and Kudo.

The foursome goes by the name Cyclopean, hinting at the tunnel-vision drive of the first taste, “Fingers,” a percussion-driven outernational excursion, blending dubwise atmospherics and a wild combination of instruments – prepared piano, rubber-band guitar, and theremin. It’s serpentine and dusted with middle-eastern melodies, locking into a desert groove fit for non- (or not-yet-) existing rituals. Those in thrall to the ethnographic auroras of darkness cast by Demdike Stare and the Pre-Cert Home Entertainment camp, or, say, Shackleton, may find much to get transmigrated in here.

[found on Cyclopean EP, Mute/Spoon; out Feb. 4]

Stream: Cyclopean – “Fingers”

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