Endless Playlist

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Radiohead Burn the Witch

Endless Playlist: Radiohead – “Burn the Witch”

“Burn the Witch” occupies a realm different from past versions of Radiohead. The band’s long-awaited…

White Lung new album Paradise

Endless Playlist: White Lung – “Below”

White Lung clean up real nice. It’s not usually the Vancouver punk outfit’s concern—they’re often…

most anticipated albums of spring 2016 Big Ups

Endless Playlist: Big Ups – “National Parks”

The New York post-hardcore outfit directs their frustration at a lousy capitalist system.

Lust For Youth new album Compassion

Endless Playlist: Lust for Youth – “Stardom”

The Scandinavian darkwave outfit find a wonderfully dark groove on their latest.

Kanye West No More Parties in L.A.

Endless Playlist: Kanye West – “No More Parties in LA” [feat. Kendrick Lamar]

Ye dips back into an old school sound, and cedes a verse to Kendrick Lamar, on his best track in a few years.

best psychedelic albums Oranssi Pazuzu

Endless Playlist: Oranssi Pazuzu – “Hypnotisoitu Viharukous”

The latest hard-rocking epic from the Finnish black metal outfit destroys.

Jawbreaker Reunion Cosmos

Endless Playlist: Jawbreaker Reunion – “Cosmos”

The New York punk trio delivers another smart and emotionally charged punk gem.

Kanye West real friends

Endless Playlist: Kanye West – “Real Friends”

A more soulful, organic presentation of 808s and heartbreak.

Savages Adore Life review

Endless Playlist: Savages – “T.I.W.Y.G.”

An intense, laser-focused explosion of post-punk with even darker and more menacing elements

best metal albums of 2016 Baroness

Endless Playlist: Baroness – “Shock Me”

A powerful statement of emotionally charged and melodic hard rock.

Endless Playlist: Idiot Glee – “Evergreen Psycho”

Kentucky singer-songwriter James Friley makes the switch from lo-fi to orchestral pop.

Endless Playlist: Neon Indian – “The Glitzy Hive”

Unrequited love set to an irresistible disco pulse.

Endless Playlist: Bad Psychic – “See Me No More”

A synth-heavy jam that approaches twisted pop perfection.

Endless Playlist: Bloc Party – “The Love Within”

The group blends their melodic dynamic with house beats.

Deafheaven interview

Endless Playlist: Deafheaven – “Brought to the Water”

An aggressive slice of black metal with covert beauty.

Endless Playlist: FKA Twigs – “Glass & Patron”

A sexy and eerie expansion of her established aesthetic.

best metal albums of 2015 Myrkur M

Endless Playlist: Myrkur – “Onde Børn”

A shoegazing black metal beauty from the Danish enigma.