Damon & Naomi announce new album, A Sky Record, with Michio Kurihara

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Damon and Naomi new album Michio Kurihara

Damon & Naomi have announced a new album with Michio Kurihara, of the psychedelic band Ghost. On August 6 they’ll release A Sky Record via 20/20/20. The first track they’ve shared from the album is titled “Sailing By,” which you can hear below.

Krukowski says of the track in a press release: “‘Sailing By’ is also the title of a light classical waltz that’s played every night shortly before the 1am end of the broadcast day on BBC Radio Four, followed by the “Shipping Forecast” (and then “God Save the Queen”!). The Shipping Forecast is simply the weather forecast for the sea around the UK. But it’s also a mesmerizing list of place names (“Viking” and “Tiree” are examples) and slightly coded information about wind direction, etc – it has its own language. But for some reason, Naomi and I found ourselves listening to it almost every night during lockdown… It comes on just as we’re usually cooking dinner, which is how we stumbled on it… and then this marker became important to us, even though (or because?) it’s a report about conditions for places we couldn’t possibly visit…”

Damon & Naomi with Michio Kurihara A Sky Record tracklist:

1. Oceans in Between
2. Between the Wars
3. The Gift
4. Sailing By
5. Split Screen
6. Season Without Time
7. Midnight
8. Invincible
9. How I Came to Photograph Clouds
10. The Aftertime

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