Hear the jazzy, dubby noir of Echo Response’s “Detectives”

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Echo Response Detectives

On March 18, Echo Response—the solo project of Portland, Maine musician Jason Ingalls (El Malo, formerly of Sunset Hearts, The Baltic Sea)—will release debut album Triangles via Pax Aeternum. And today, Ingalls has shared a new track from the album, titled “Detectives.” The song is an instrumental, multi-layered swirl of jazz, dub and psychedelia, a darkly luxurious echo of some of the collaborations that took place in places like Nassau’s Compass Point Studios back in the ’80s. But with a touch more sinister, stylish noir. Not unlike a suspenseful score for an episode of Miami Vice.

In a statement, Ingalls describes “Detectives” as “A crime of humid passion under the cover of tropical darkness. Rum-soaked cigars hold secrets. Brisk ska looking for clues in tandem once again with Rexy Dinosaur on saxophone until an ending that cuts to black with the words… to be continued.”

Listen to “Detectives” below, and find the previously released single “BIFAR” here.

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