Erica Dawn Lyle and Vice Cooler announce vinyl release of Benefit for NEFOC

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In 2022, Erica Dawn Lyle and Vice Cooler released Benefit for NEFOC, with proceeds going toward Northeast Farmers of Color Landtrust (NEFOC). Now, the album is finally being released on vinyl on March 22. The album features contributions from Kim Gordon, Kelley Deal, Kathleen Hanna, Alice Bag, The Raincoats, Palberta, Mike Watt and more. Pre-order it here.

Today, they’ve also shared a new video for “Decoder Ring,” featuring Katie Alice Greer of Priests. Watch it below.

Erica Dawn Lyle said in a statement: “People have been begging us since literally the day this came out to make vinyl of this record. We thought it might be too hard with all the people involved but I think everyone involved felt really good about how the record turned out so everybody got on board with it really quickly. We’re all excited to raise some more money to buy land for Black farmers.

We shot the video in this practically abandoned parking lot on the far east side of Elysian Park where, like, teens go to do donuts and get high and stuff. Honestly it’s been a bit of a heavy winter back in NY with the war ongoing in Gaza, so it ruled to get to show up in LA and to get to rock out and jump around with a couple friends and lip synch to our song a bunch of times while it blasted out of Katie’s car. Katie’s hair should win a year-end video award for starring in this one!” 

Erica Dawn Lyle and Vice Cooler have also announced a vinyl release show on March 23 at The Smell in Los Angeles, featuring Greer, Mike Watt and the Missingmen, and members of the Linda Lindas.

Benefit For NEFOC tracklist:

1. Decoder Ring (Featuring Katie Alice Greer)
2. Lost In Thought (Featuring The Linda Lindas w/ Kathi Wilcox)
3. Mirrorball (Featuring Kathleen Hanna)
4. Debt Collector (Featuring Kim Gordon)
5. Soul Fire Farm (Featuring Alice Bag, Emily Retsas)
6. The Immortals (Featuring Brontez Purnell)
7. Can’t Fight Me (Featuring Ah-Mer-Ah-Su)
8. Agave (Featuring The Raincoats)
9. Break A Window (Featuring Rachel Aggs, Emily Retsas)
10. Flashes Of Knowing (Featuring Christina Billotte)
11. Cracks In The Ceiling (Featuring Ali Carter, Emily Retsas)
12. Star Fuck (Featuring Louisahhh)
13. Bodies (Featuring Kelley Deal, Emily Retsas, Sarah Register)
14. PS Forever (Featuring Satomi Matsuzaki)
15. Never Was (Featuring Ivy Jeanne, Mike Watt)
16. Hearing Myself Again (Featuring Palberta, Emily Retsas, Anne Wood)

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