Hear the dreamy melancholy of Fuckleberry Hinn’s “Nobody”

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Norwegian band Fuckleberry Hinn release their new album Neither/Nor on September 1 via Wonderful & Strange Records. And today, they’ve shared new single “Nobody,” a gorgeously dreamy indie pop gem that finds a middle ground between the intricate melancholy of Elliott Smith (note the name of their album) and the psychedelic whimsy of the Elephant Six collective. It’s rich in gorgeous layers of sound, thick organs whirring beneath jangly guitars and bittersweet vocals, and you can hear the new track below.

The group’s Øystein Megård said in a statement, “‘Nobody’ started out as a dream. It really happens, it’s not just a thing McCartney claims! I woke up having dreamt a song, and after scrambling around, I managed to make a kind-of comprehensible sketch of the chorus. It took some time later to decode the recording I made on my phone.”

Pre-order Neither/Nor here.

Neither/Nor tracklist:

1. Perfect Haircuts
2. Yes to All
3. Low Bar
4. Disco Dancing
5. Nothing
6. Dawg
7. Kind Rewind
8. Stone Cold
9. Argh, Argh
10. Nobody
11. Ein dram i timen
12. Work in Progress
13. Daybreak
14. Hello
15. Fortuna
16. Dead Man’s Hand
17. Assumptions
18. Redshift Memories
19. Calm Before the Storm
20. Stay Down
21. Never Better
22. No Cover

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