Watch J Hacha De Zola’s campy, psychedelic video for “Lost Space”

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J Hacha Da Zola Lost Space video

On Friday, J Hacha De Zola will release his new album, East of Eden via Caballo Negro. And today, he’s released the new video for that album’s single, “Lost Space.” The clip, directed by Hector Gallardo, is simultaneously campy and psychedelic, depicting everything from swirling spirals of snakes to singing animated ghosts to an atomic beach party. It’s a suitably colorful and peculiar set of visuals to accompany the song, which balances romantic crooner pop with the junkyard blues weirdness of Tom Waits—the end result something like Lee Hazelwood at his late ’60s peak. It’s a delightful noir hallucination.

He says in a statement, “I can’t help but write ‘twisted love songs,’ it’s kinda my specialty. Love in the time of a pandemic, or the lack of, I know a lot of relationships were really quite strained as a result of it. There was a real sense of being stuck in limbo, floating in a void, isolated from everyone you know. Especially a significant other. The lack of human touch wasn’t easy and I know a lot of folks are still dealing with these feelings. To be locked away, it took a toll on me. Alone with the uncertainty, alone with vice. That’s what this song is about for me.”

Watch the new video for “Lost Space” below.

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