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The world probably doesn’t need any more garage rock bands, at least not for a little while. San Francisco and Atlanta alone could probably keep the rest of the country well supplied for some time to come, and it’s not as if there’s any shortage of bands in between these two points. Garage rock bands are easy to start, fun to be in, and fun to watch, and no amount of alcohol can change that. In fact, a little extra alcohol just might make the experience even better. But this is, ultimately, a short-term oversupply. Sure, right now we’re overstocked, but many within the plethora of garage rock outfits we have now will break up, and we’ll need some more, and some dudes will be waiting in their garage, with an arsenal of duct-taped gear and a few catchy tunes, ready to take the reins of this sloppy, careening genre steed.

Jacuzzi Boys, based out of Key Biscayne, Fla., play a fun, familiar and impossible to ruin type of garage rock that always sounds great on sweaty, summer days or drunken, debaucherous nights. There’s nothing terribly novel about the fuzz-blasted songs on their Hardly Art debut Glazin’, and as a trio, they don’t bother with plastering them with overdubs or big explosions of instrumentation. Quite simply, they offer simple power-chord solutions for the fuzz addicted, injected in convenient and digestible form. Tracks like “Glazin'” and “Cool Vapors” are refreshing blasts of distortion and attitude, a pairing that never goes out of style, even if it’s been at least 300 million times by now. And it probably goes without saying that Glazin’ is super fun, but I’m saying it anyway.

The world doesn’t necessarily need more bands like Jacuzzi Boys, but the odd paradox is that the world always needs more bands like Jacuzzi Boys. Certainly, hundreds, even thousands of bands are touring America right now, playing music in the same vein, through similar pedals and amplifiers, to clubs with the same beer-stained scent. But whatever redundancies exist out there, bands like Jacuzzi Boys are what rock ‘n’ roll is all about – simple, loud and fun-loving songs that are meant to feel good. And I’ll drink to that.

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