Let’s Go Sailing : The Chaos In Order

Let’s Go Sailing’s debut release, The Chaos in Order, offers a stress-free ensemble of piano-laden pop behind the soulful and smooth voice of singer/songwriter Shana Levy. Delivering a series of tracks that deal with relationships and compatibility, these ballads are wholly relatable but don’t require the listener to possess the heart-on-sleeve attachment that Levy so admirably displays. Levy, the L.A.-based former Irving and Rilo Kiley member, has crafted an artsy, cutesy album of wintery tunes that, while not flashy, prove both versatile and, more importantly, memorable.

While The Chaos in Order runs an often dreary, sometimes cheery course, the simplicity and relativity of the music makes it easy for one to hearken back to. Already boasting play in such twenty-something TV staples as Grey’s Anatomy, One Tree Hill, and lest we forget The Real World, one can take their pick from the entire catalogue of songs that is seemingly dappled with movie and TV soundtrack fodder. Moreover, imagine your budding relationship has hit a snag. Upon your initial separation and reflection from said lover, these songs would lend a perfect backdrop to your recollection of better times, ever-tugging at your heartstrings. For those whose love life is in good standing, picture The Chaos in Order as your soundtrack when you’re looking out your apartment window onto the street below, longing for your lover, who is gone for business on the weekend. Levy’s whispering vocals also lend themselves to hipster collegians who aim to carry out a cappella performances upon roaming about campus.

From the opening three tracks—”Sideways,” “All I Want From You Is Love” and “Icicles”—a veritable mixture of sure-fire hits is incurred. “Sideways” lingers in your head with its expository chorus, “I’ve been walking/I’ve been thinking/I’ve been looking at you/Sideways.” “All I Want From You Is Love” is arguably the standout of The Chaos in Order, with the piano-driven track shining in its direct yet profound message. As the title suggests, the song conveys a blunt necessity for affection that resonates loudly for all who have yearned to get to the heart of the matter. “Icicles” is among the album’s more up-tempo tracks and along with “We Got Along,” “Better Off” and “Heart Condition” provide joyous listening for those with a knack for taste making.

One of the album’s most admirable qualities is its ability to be devoid of negativity even in its ballad-prone nature. Levy brings a genuine passion and evident attachment to these songs, and with her hand drawn cover art and classically trained musical ability, has given birth to an unpretentious brand of loveable pop music. Levy’s fun-loving nature allows the album to tackle grown up scenarios while maintaining an innocent childlike spirit a quality that falls nothing short of endearing. There’s nothing chaotic here, as Let’s Go Sailing’s debut provides beautiful music for beautiful people.

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