Hear Megalophobe’s eerie, spacious new drone track “Voxy”

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Megalophobe Voxy stream

Megalophobe, the solo ambient/drone accordion project of Benjamin Levitt, will release new album Music for Resistance Fantasies, a score written as a companion to a live dance performance, digitally and on limited-edition cassette on December 18 via Nefarious Industries. Today, Levitt has shared a new track from the album, titled “Voxy,” which is a spacious, eerie dark ambient piece that brings to mind supernatural imagery, dystopian landscapes and otherworldly space. It’s not too far off from the expansive pieces on Tangerine Dream’s Zeit, with Levitt using unconventional methods to get interesting sounds from his accordion.

He says in a statement, “This track was recorded with the warehouse performance space in mind. The delayed accordion is layered with my chanting into the bellows (hence the title) and knocking the metal grill with my knuckles — It’s all sounds bouncing off stone walls and noises of unknown origins.”

Hear Megalophobe’s “Voxy” below and pre-order the cassette here.

Megalophobe Music for Resistance Fantasies tracklist:

1. Dreamy
2. Airy
3. Noisy
4. Spacy
5. Voxy
6. Dreamy Reprise

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