Watch Neckbolt’s trippy, lo-fi video for “No Magic”

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On September 22, Texas noise rock outfit Neckbolt will release their new album Dream Dump via Born Yesterday. And today, they’ve shared a new video for “No Magic,” a lo-fi VHS-style clip of psychedelic weirdness and occult disturbances. The song itself is an abrasive but catchy groove, backing a melody fit for an early record by The Flaming Lips, but with a heavier dose of bass and an overall more thunderous intensity. Check out the new clip below, and pre-order the group’s new album here.

Neckbolt’s James Roo said in a statement, “The story is about a man who sits in his house, feeling secure and not going outside. He is plagued with fevers, house sprites, and a spirit who forces him into reckoning with what could be a past life, or a sort of hidden layer of reality, where he abandoned a quest to kill ‘The Beast.’ Thematically, I liked the fact that the story is about breaking a spell of normal reality. The spirit of the main character’s friend comes to him to awaken him from a secure existence that we can recognize to a degree, and bring him back to the task at hand, suggesting that the nature of his true existence is this sort of mythic and dangerous quest. I like this inversion of dreaming and waking: Magical dreaming is sitting in your room, and waking reality is a terrible and fantastic ordeal from which to hide.”

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